Help! Z-axis plunged into wasteboard

so I was setting my zero to my workpiece and meant to move the z axis down by .25 inches, guess the point never registered and it moved 25 inches, plunged down into the board and i could hear the stepper motor making a horrible noise. so i hit the power switch.

now when i turn the machine back on it seems like the machine is trying to complete the 25 inch plunge that I told it to. is there a way to clear that command?
i also moved the spindle up by hand with the power if, thought maybe if i move it up and turn it on, let it move an inch or two , shut it off then move it back up it might just complete the order. but now when the z axis tries to move with the power on i can just hear the stepper motor going but no movement…i can get it going by turning the acme screw from the top, once it starts spinning its fine, but seems like it doesn’t have enough power to start.

I hope I didn’t seriously screw something up.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated guys.

Arduino/Gshield? You need to disconnect the USB cable to turn off the Arduino and reset GRBL. The Arduino gets its power from the USB port.

alright! back in action, working good so far.

Also, I plunged my Z into the wasteboard on like my second carve when I forgot to change my 5 inch step for X and Y before hitting Z down.

That was the first question before joining this club. “How good you can dive into waste board, how good you can bump/crash, how could you brake Z limit switch.” We all passed that tests at least once. :slight_smile:
Just be careful, next test for how do you hit hold down clamps to break your bit.

Gee, its nice to be normal. I also forgot or missed the decimal point. Thank goodness for the big red button.
I can hardly wait to hit a hold down clamp. Having read all that you guys post I am sooooo careful now, but do not doubt that one day it will happen and I will get my “Been there, done that” badge

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Absolutely, and 5 minutes after giving advise to someone, you will make a mistake some point again…and again… and again…
I think this is fun part of it.

Ahhh the joys of seeing how far the z drops before the power stops. I am glad to report that I have made a hole .75 wide and made it to the far side of the waste board burying the collet and falling off the z rail . Mix up some epoxy and saw dust to fill holes and mill them flat for the smaller holes I use baking soda and super glue.

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I put a 3/4" hole in mine.
I meant to move the bit along the y axis 750mm and instead accidentally held down the shift when hitting the down arrow key.
it drilled completely through.

Haha I have a half inch hole in my 20 x 40 base rail for the same reason. Your well on your way.

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That’s for Air ventilation. :slight_smile:

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Lol thats right. Better airflow to the dust shoe.

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