Hershey Text for engraving

Any chance this could be added into Easel? Some of the work might already be done: http://techninja.github.io/hersheytextjs/



I have installed in inkscape and imported svg file onto easel looks it works fine but in round about way. I have not tried to carve with this but the tool path looks ok.

Yes, I’ve used the Inkscape extension and imported into Easel.

This suggestion is to include Hershey in Easel as part of the text tool

Interesting! I’ll take a look into this over the weekend!

They are actually all very blocky and angular, is that the goal or is it just kinda lo-fi?

Single-stroke. :wink:

Have a read of this Paul, explains everything :smile:




Oh no I understand the single line part of it, I’m wondering why the letters are only composed of straight line segments instead of curved line segments.

The idea is speed I believe. You can get a set of engraved words very quickly on material. If they are very small the impact of the straight segments is also small.

However, the Inkscape extension also sorts correct kerning. If you don’t want the straight line segments you can run a simplify in Inkscape to make them smooth. This allows for super clean text that once engraved looks really nice. This is what I’ve been doing by importing the resultant SVG into Easel.

But doing everything I need actually in Easel is still my goal.

I’d of course understand if it’s too difficult to do as part of the text tool. If so, maybe a candidate for an app once the API etc. is up and ready?



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