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Hey everyone!

Hey everyone,

I've been a long time fan of Inventables and remember pre-ordering my Shapeoko 2 here (good memories). I just wanted to say hi to everyone here. I know this forum will grow and do well.

I regularly visit the Shapeoko forum and the community there is awesome, so check it out as well. If you guys are interested in the X Carve or DIY CNCs in general I suggest checking out the Shapeoko 3 or you can check out my open source CNC project at the Shapeoko forums for more information about DIY CNC machines. I've linked towards the end of my thread but feel free to start from the beginning and read all 26 pages sweat_smile We've (me and my team) designed two machines and I think people will like them a lot. We're getting ready to launch our Kickstater later this month so keep an eye open for it.

Take care everyone smile


Thanks Louis! Glad to see you over here. Your project looks super heavy duty, what are you cutting with that machine? And do you have a base price for the machine?

Hey Michael smile

Thanks! We've designed two machines, both are more heavy duty than the Shapeoko 2 or X Carve, but the heavier duty one can handle up to a 3kw spindle with the standard model designed for 600w to 800w spindles (1.5kw spindle if you upgrade the gantry).

Base price for the standard machine (AKA Routakit) is looking around $799-$899 for a 1000x1000mm mechanical kit (still working on the price). We're currently working on an electronics kit but we have no information on that as of yet, but should soon.

Base price for the bigger and heavier duty machine (aka Routakit HD) is 1,799-$1,849 (still working on the price) for a 1500mm x 1000mm mechanical kit (though beta kits have been sold for $1,699). The electronics package is a plug and play Gecko drive with four pre-wired Nema 24 380oz stepper motors with all the bells and whistles (Ethernet smooth stepper, proximity switches, sensor touch plate port, VFD/spindle output, AUX output, E-stop button, etc etc) incased a nice aluminum box. It goes for $1,375. The HD is a bit pricey but considering other machines in its class it's the best bang for the buck.

We're cutting up to 3/4" 6061-T6 aluminum at 42 inches per minute at .055" depth of cuts on the HD model without breaking a sweat. We can cut MDF at over 800 IPM at 1/4" depth of cut. I don't think we've found the upper limits of the machine yet so we can probably push it harder.

But anyway we're aiming to launch the Kickstarter campaign in mid March so check it out if you can. smile

Will do. That sounds like some serious production at those speeds.