Hey, Got wood?

Where do you source your wood from?

Fortunate to live in Penn’s Woods, so there’s a myriad of lumber yards, including Hearne’s Hardwoods, as well as specialty vendors such as D&D Plywood. I buy rough sawn and joint and true it up w/ hand planes. Have driven up to Bristol Valley Hardwoods in New York for Ipê though (I was on my way to R.I.T.).

That said, I keep an eye out for old furniture and pallets and lumber which has fallen off trucks and make a fair bit of stuff out of such scavenged materials.

Solidwood furniture from charity shops. usually cheaper than buying hardwoods from the supplier.

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I get most of my lumber from Steve Wall Lumber in Mayoden, NC. They have a great selection of domestic and exotic lumber to include sheet goods.Wall Lumber website

Exotic Lumber in Annapolis, MD for hardwoods. http://www.exoticlumberinc.com

I nab pallets from work whenever possible, either from our own deliveries, or other tenants in the building. We have a cabinet shop, as well as a thrift shop, and a shop that rehabs old furniture and resells it. They tend to scavenge too, but I find that alot of times I can use things that they pass on or throw away. So, sometimes I can grab old furniture, cabinets etc. as soon as they hit the dumpster here. I also kept about 1/3 of the 900sf of solid oak hardwoods that I ripped out of my house this year.

Have any of you ever tried milling your own boards? I just recently started milling my own from trees.

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Where are you located? I’m cutting down a cherry tree from my yard next month and want to turn it into boards.

I am pretty much limited to what I can get from Lowes and Home Depot. Fortunately, the HD near here just started carrying 1x (3/4" thick) cherry, walnut, mahogany, and white oak. Most of it is 1x6 or smaller though, except for the 1x8 mahogany.

I’m located in Southern NH. I’m currently only milling small pieces. I’m hoping to get my portable saw mills soon!

Long drive from Georgia…lol

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Just a bit haha!

Wow, you’re lucky your HD carries all those species!

They just started carrying them a couple months ago, hopefully it’s going nationwide.

I hope so too!

We had some tree work done, and I asked the tree company to cut the pieces into 4’ lengths.
I milled the wood with a chainsaw, then a table saw, and then a planer.

I’ve done some with a chainsaw, works pretty well for smaller pieces.

Has anyone had luck with online sources for wood? The only good sources I’ve come across so far are Inventables and eBay.

I get most of mine from Inventables




D&D Plywood, Hearne’s Hardwoods and a couple of other of the places listed thus far sell on-line.

Woodpeckers sells an affordable bundle of baltic birch plywood in a size perfectly suited to a stock SO2 or X-Carve: http://www.amazon.com/Baltic-Birch-Plywood-Great-Scroll/dp/B00GQND2PK

If shipping didn’t cost more than the board, that would be great! I just can’t justify the increase in cost!