Hi, I want to know anyone have upgrade spindle 0.8kw or 1.5 kw to x carve 1000mm

I use 400w quiet spindle it is not enough powerful for engraving taqs on aluminium or brass I am thinking for
0.8kw or 1.5kw spindle but confusing which one I choose for better with keep in mind with machine
also have option like choose water cooling or air cooling we cant have available here dewalt 611 in our
country so I want buy chinese spindle could anyone users who is updated their spindle advice me.
and both 0.8kw and 1.5 almost have same prices here.

I use http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WATER-COOLED-SPINDLE-MOTOR-ER11-1-5KW-INVERTER-DRIVE-VFD-CNC-MILLING-ENGRAVIING-/281872414852. works ok for me

I bought this one:

It works great! Also got off the shelf water cooling parts from Dazmode. 3/8" PC watercooling tubing fits over the spindle (just remove the compression nut and use some clamps).

I also upgraded to a G540 and linuxcnc (I got tired of fiddling with GRBL and chillipepper).