Hi, new here, Am looking to buy the xcarve,

I Have a decent shop at home but use traditional tools , I am on the look out for a cnc in the U.K any help would be greatly recieved,thx

Depending on your intended purpose, keep in mind that the Xcarve is a hobbyist’s machine. I have an Xcarve, but if I had to buy one all over again, I’d get one with linear guides and avoid a belt driven system entirely. but that’s just me…

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Hi have modified Shapeoko2 500x500 that is now screw drive and as several other strengthening upgrades also. I can post more information if required. I have no need for this machine now as I have built a larger one.

Located North Notts, uk.


Open builds lead 1010 is good. But the new cnc4newbie “x-carve upgrade” is the way to go. I’d just buy that and build a base from openbuilds parts