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Hi, Ordering our Machine Tuesday :)

I would like to ask a couple questions and really appreciate any information any with some experience could share with me.

I am ordering our 1st CNC machine Tuesday from Inventables. We are getting the 1000mm X Carve. My primary work for this is going to be cutting out speaker and port tube circles, handle and jack plate cut outs and engraving the company name and logo in the lower right hand corner of the speaker grill frame.
I will be using all 3/4" 8-12 ply, plywood. The species are Maple, Birch, Pine and Oak.
The 11" diameter circles for the speakers get cut out of 3/4" ply and I need to know what bit I should use to be able to cut all the way through and remove the circle from the panel completely.

What bits would you recommend we order for that task?

Then I will be engraving our Logo into 3/32" thick brushed aluminum plate for name tags and engraving the company name into the flange of the steel input jack plates on the back of the cabs (where the speaker cable gets plugged into.) Those plates are powder coated black and I am hoping to be able to engrave the name, IN & OUT in the jack dish without chipping the powder coating.

What bits would you recommend we order for that task?

And Finally, the boss wants some acrylic, corian and clear plexi glass signs made.

What bits would you recommend we order for that task?

I just want to get a few of each (anticipating breaking a few) I have read about the kits but thought I would ask.
We are getting the fein vac also.
Should I get an extra set of clamps? Or anything else you would recommend so I can hunker down all weekend and have everything I need to get through the learning curve. please toss some suggestions my way and I will greatly appreciate the advice!
Thank you in advance for your time.

For the wood speaker holes I would use a 1/4" down cut bit to get a clean edge on the top surface.
I don’t do any aluminum work on my machine, but you might consider a 14" Whiteside 1541 60° V bit for your engraving work.
I would not recommend cutting steel on your machine. The speeds of the DeWalt are too fast.
For corian you can use the same bits as used for wood. (it cuts like butter)
For acrylics you will need to use a single flute bit.
Here is a good source that I use.