Hi there, would movie prop or animatronic projects be of interest to you?

Hi there,

Hope you are all having a fantastic day!!

My name is Dave, and I’m an X-Carve/Easel newbee with 25 years experience as a movie prop/model maker, and animatronics engineer.

I would love to start creating, and sharing movie related projects,prop designs, and basic animatronics builds.

I was wondering if this would be of interest to members of community?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Also, if you have any prop related questions, or need help with a build, please feel free to send me a message.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Very best wishes



Heck, I’d love to see what you come up with! Animatronics are just plain awesome.

Hi Dan, thank you so much…fantastic!!! I’m really excited to be able to share my designs with the community!!
All the very best

It’s a pretty interactive group here, we all share our projects, successes, and spectacular/hilarious hose-ups. :slight_smile: Jump on in, join the fun!

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For sure!

Superb Tony!!! Thank you so much for your reply!! Very best wishes Dave

Electronics, software, embedded software, 3D design here. I’m interested in your animatronics work.

Hi Dave,
I would definitely be interested in your projects. Those kind of projects are really cool!

Hi Larry, thank you so much for your comment!! Superb!!! I’ve got a number of projects in mind that I think would be of interest to the community…looks like I’d better start drawing some of them up:)

All the very best


Lol, overcoming hose-ups makes us the people we are:) There are so much highly skilled & talented makers on the forum…its amazing!!


Hi there Angus, thank you so much for sharing the thread!! What a fantastic build!! It’s interesting to see how much the X-Carve has changed the way Sean works!! I’m sure I’ve seen some of his YouTube videos!!
Thank you so much again.

Very best wishes


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Hey @DaveSullivan

I’ve been a member of RPF for years. I’ve even made a full-size, wearable Iron Man MKIV costume out of craft foam, which I then case hardened with a two-part plastic. One of the reasons I’m seriously looking into a drag-knife is to be able to cut out pepakura files. So short answer - long, I would love to see what you make. I’ll probably be doing a YouTube video of building at least a helmet.

I’ve done lots of prop making in the past, before it was cool to post videos of it. One of my next projects would be something like a Skyrim/Frazetta Death Dealer helmet. I even sculpted my own chestburster for a special FX company when I lived in TX.

I’m currently making a 12’ wooden boat whose parts can all be cut out with an XC1000, especially once I iron out the kinks for indexing large parts by marching the zero down the work. My first attempt will be a half-scale version of an 8’ boat to make a coffee table out of.

This is really exciting as it goes right along with what @SeanKeplinger is doing with his mind-blowing rifle prop.




Had to look up Animatronics /shameface.

RE: Animatronics - I can’t seem to think of anything else besides a T-800…

Lol, ummm, now that would be a fun project!!! :smile:

Glad to see interactive people here like you Dave. Welcome.

:slight_smile: don’t worry Justin…it’s not a word that crops up much in general conversation!!

Hi Alan, thank you so much!! I can’t wait to get started, and upload some fun projects!!
All the very best


I would be very interested in methods of motion like gas/piston and linear actuators - how to establish the correct angles and attachment points, incorporating limits, and inter-connected joints. I while back I used a screen door piston and a compressor to nearly disastrous effect. It’s a lot harder than it looks to calculate the location of linear actuators.

Hi Chris,

Heeey!! The RPF…I used to go on there quite a lot in the early days!! It’s a fantastic community for prop makers!!
The Iron Man costume sounds cool!!! It’s quite a skill creating all of those compound curves in foam!!

A drag knife would be a fantastic addition to your bit box!!! I without doubt have got one on my shopping list!!

I can’t wait to start sharing my projects!!! I intend to upload all of the digital files, as well as full instructions, and reference images…prop making is so much fun!!!

YouTube is a great method of sharing your knowledge…I’m going to be starting a YouTube prop making channel very soon!!!

Love Skyrim…the helmet should be an interesting build!!!

Strange but true…I had an original foam latex ‘Chestburster’ in my workshop, that is until it turned to dust!!!

Wow!!! a 12’ boat on the X-Carve…what an amazing project!!!

Thank you so much Chris!!

Take care