Hiding lines

I am trying to make a memorial rose for a friend that has the persons name as the stem. I have the rose I want and the font for the name I want but when I place the two together I still see the original stem lines. How can I eliminate parts or the stem lines to not interfere with the name?https://easel.inventables.com/projects/-oT4n-WzcBnld4YkkbFtsQ

The project is not shared correctly.

That said. You can add a shape, set it to 0 depth and then use the layering to put it in between the rose in the back and the name in the front.

Select the shape, right click >move backward. Or select the name. Right click, move to front.

I tried that but then when I want to carve the rose I have to have a depth to cut and when I do it will interfere with the name…
I made the project public I hope it works now

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Here’s a quick video show what I meant a bit more clearly. :rose:

Thank you very much that does help me with what I am looking at doing.

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