High pitch screech from spindle

The noise was random last night but when I go turn it on today, you can hear it at the opposite side of the house. Is there a quick fix like WD40 or do I need a new spindle. I have the standard one that was shipped with the 1000mm machine last year. Is it real easy to upgrade to the DeWalt? Seems like it’s the router Inventables now sells with the 1000mm machine.

sounds like bearings to me.
It should be a relatively easy fix

How do I fix?

If you have the DC spindle, I really don’t know anything about them.
However, I would contact Inventables and I’m very sure that they will get you fixed up with some instructions and new bearings.
If you want to go to the DWP 611, you would have to buy a new mount (I think about $35.00)
and of course the router.

ok thanks for your help

Sorry I couldn’t be more help to you.

FIXED IT! took a few can of air to blow out the spindle and it’s back to purring like a kitten

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Ill remember this :wink:

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I’m glad to hear that you got is going again.
But you should still get some information bearing replacement. (parts / procedure)
Eventually it will happen.

I plan on it! Just needed it to work over the weekend to finish an order. Now I have a bit of time to make sure the machine gets a tune up.