High z-axis displacement before milling

I would like that when I launch a machining starting from the homing, the tool remains at the top (Z max) and that it goes down only when it starts to machine.
Is this possible?

That would be dependent on the job setup in your CAM software. There would be extra steps involved and You’d need to do some math to set things up properly.

May I ask what the purpose would be? It would be very simple to have a high part position before /after the carve, but to start exactly from home gets a little more complicated with all the maths involved.

And What program are you using to generate the toolpaths? (Easel?)

Thank you for your help,
I was looking for the $0 to $132 from GRBL that you can now modify directly in Easel.
But I didn’t find anything…

May I ask what the purpose would be?

–>Passing over part locking devices

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