Highlight by Type and Icon Searching - Easel Basic vs. Easel Pro

I’m not certain if this has been requested previously, but a very nice feature would be a menu option (or something) to “Highlight All Easel Basic Objects” and/or “Highlight All Easel Pro Objects” that way people can easily determine what might be causing their projects to turn into “Pro” projects. Obviously, the V-Bit carving, raster cuts, and tiling would need some other way (as if it’s not obvious already) of being indicated in the whole grouping. Maybe a popup window with a list of “Pro” features & objects being used might hit everything…?

I know I have added an icon recently after clicking on “Basic” and searching…entirely not realizing the “Pro” objects were included as well (…I know…I know…Easel splits them into sections in the search window). After hours of design work, I finally realize that the design is labeled as a “Pro” design, and I then have to go back through and figure out which object caused it to flip from “Basic” to “Pro” (circle back to the first request here…). Maybe an option to search “Only Basic”, “Only Pro”, or “Both Basic & Pro” would also be beneficial?


Brandon Parker

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