Highlighting objects inside other objects

Hi there,
If I have an object inside another object (let’s say a circle inside a rectangle) how do I highlight the circle without highlighting the rectangle too?
Many thanks in advance …

Just click on the edge of the circle. Or am I misunderstanding?

If you do that it highlights both objects (or it does when I do it!)

Make sure you actually click on the line of the circle. I have found that if you click, say inside the circle, it will still choose the both.


Thanks that works! However if I want to highlight a number of objects, say a word inside other objects, by dragging across them all it then highlights the rest. Basically I need to be able to highlight wording within other objects and adjust their position … but it doesn’t seem possible!

You have to hold the shift key, while you click on each object.
Make sure you click on the line of the object, if you click on the space you will get the whole thing again. It can be finicky until you get the hang of it.

You don’t have to continually hold the shift key, just when you actually click. This means you can zoom in as well as move around using the sliders.

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