Hinged work surface

I am preparing to move a few miles to a new home and will be moving my 1000x1000 Xcarve. Any recommendations to immobilizing everything before the move. I plan on using Zip ties.

Second, my new place finally has a building for my shop. Has anyone setup their Xcarve such that one edge is hinged to the wall so that it can be moved out of the way when not in use?

Just keep everything as stable as you can during the move. I have heard of people using bubble wrap around the machine. There are plenty of threads on here with people building a hinged setup so it folds out of the way.


Thank you Wayne.

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I sat my original 500mm on the UHaul seat when I moved from CT to VA 5 years ago. It ended up not requiring anything afterward.

Build a box for it and use extra heavy-duty zip ties… :slight_smile:


Brandon Parker


When I moved my XCarve I used shrink wrap. You can wrap everything together and nothing will move.

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