Hitachi 12vc is AWESOME!

That thing is BEEFY. Nice work

That’s a beast!

Just keep an eye on the X axis rails. With that kind of beast I’d look for twisting.

My X has 3/16" steel sandwiched in there. No twisting will occur.

Wow!, Good to know, because I have one of these routers… I’m not too keen on the 1/2 inch collet that came with it because I kept having to take it out of the router to pull off the bit.

Would you mind providing more info on your setup so that others like myself could possibly mimic?

Here is the collet I use (I don’t have to remove it from the machine):!!!Bosch_1618!!!KIT!!!PG!!!

Here is a link to the rigidity mods i did. This literally took one trip to the hardware store and about 3 hours of time (plus wire routing, belt-tightening, squaring, etc.). Some people are WAY over complicating some of these simple mods:

The Hitachi mount (I only used the two brackets, not the big black backboard):

I used the standard spindle mount plate as a template and made it 1" taller and used three sets of v-wheels.

It is solid as a rock (at least compared to my last three machines).


To be clear, what is the Hitachi Model?
Also, Did you state that you are using a collet on it from “Bosch”?

What size were the spacers on your mount?

I couldn’t tell you. I moved on from this setup. But I don’t remember any spacers.

It was really great to hear back from you! I have a great interest in your
hitachi project because I wish to try it on my own X-Carve build. I have
some questions that only you can answer about the subject. for instance:
when you mounted the router on you steel reinforced rail did you experience
any sag or twist on the gantry and if so ,how much? did you mount the
router on a linear slide when it was on the stiffened rail and did it sag
or twist and if so by how much? Did you try the open builds open rail
system and if so did you experience any sag or twist with it and if so
approximately how much? Any hlp you can give me with the about question
would be very greatly appreciated in the extreme!!! CLYDE.

I am at sea. Can try to get back to you next week.

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I appreciate it. What I’m trying to avoid is spending $100.00 plus on some hardware I will not use. Throw in the fact that i’m living in an apartment with limited storage and and already have more crap then I need. CLYDE. CLYDO5798@GMAIL.COM

Yes - there was not much sag. The nice thing was with more mass and HP, there was less resistance on the plunge. I moved from Steel reinforced to Open Rail. But I created new x-axis plates out of 1/4" aluminum and recessed the open rail into a pocket in each plate. THat was very rigid.

Thank you for your help. The open builds rail system was my second choice and so I am glad to hear that there was no sag in that system. I am also using GT 3 x 6mm belting on the X axis. What would be great is if I could use a linear Z slide with the system but 9.5 to 10 pounds is probably to much weight to pile on it. Maybe if I got the system where the Z axis motor is offset to the rear and is belt fed like the standard X-Carve to keep the weight more evenly balance over the X carriage that may work.What do you think? I have read all your posting and have great respect for your knowledge and experience in these matters and the fact that you have the real world experience and are ready to share is a very noble thing. Like I said , I don’t what to throw money away on something that’s not going to work and your help is invaluable in this endeavor.Once again, THANK YOU for your time and effort in this matter.

The linear z axis units will handle it nicely. They are essentially, all I use now.

Okay, but will the open builds rail handle that much weight without any sag?

Heck yah. I supposed the new makerslide would too. I had all kinds of stuff hanging off that thing. Teh Hitachi, a dustshoe and skirt, a tachometer, a pen holder. It will be more than precise enough for detailed work.

Exactly what I needed to know! Thank you

I don’t have an XCarve (yet) but had a larger CNC with the Hitachi M12VC on it, and really liked it. The speed controller is actually semi-smart and tries to hold a particular RPM, not just a torque setting like some, so it handles lower speeds well too. I’ve heard of some people having issues with the bearings wearing out, but I never experienced that myself. I also use the PreciseBits collets and love them - highly recommended, and their 3D carving bits are great too.

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I plan on using a cut down 6"long shafted er 16 collet adapter and either a Elaier or Precisebits 8mm collet with a 5"to 6" linear Z axis

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