Hmmmm it's alive but likes to make the Easel character look like a demented Sponge Bob

It seemed to start out ok until it went for the eyes and it put them basically right next to each other. Then it went down hill from there. Any advice? It looks like both X and y were fine to do the rectangles but the features were way off

Could you please share your easel file and I will take a look at that if thats okay we will look at your machine

I. At work but I will reply as soon as I can

Looks like you need to calibrate the machine.

This thread might help you:

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Awesome! Thank you very much for this. I did figure it needed to be calibrated. Just what I found was along the lines of needing to maybe boost the power to the motors.

It was just the generic file that they give you to start out of the smiling easel waving. Yeah I know, hard to tell but it’s there hahaha

oh yeha lol i see it now so did you get her figured out with roberts calibration?

Not yet. I didn’t have much time to play today. Going to work on it on Wednesday since I have the whole day off.

why stick with it i imagine its something simple maybe a loose bolt or something like that

By the time I had it running the sun was going down and in my new shop, I have yet to get my lighting set up. Just ran an extention cord from the house to the shop. Also had dinner plans I had to get ready for. But yeah I hope it is something simple. Thanks for the encouragement.

Thanks everyone for the assistance. It was a number of things that lead to the funkiness. Mostly just needed to tighten everthing down more. The calibration isn’t completely dialed in but will be able to finish it off the next day I have to work on it. I’ll be sure to keep you all abreast on what progress I have.