Hobbyist question

As a relatively new hobbyist I would like to ask the group a question.

As someone with limited or zero funds what would people suggest as :

a) A 3d drawing program.

b) A Tool Path generator

c) A G-Code sender.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


a) Fusion 360 - free to hobbyist
b) Fusion 360 - free to hobbyist
c) UGS / chillipepper - free


Although not the easiest program to learn as a beginner, I agree for 3D this would be my choice.

All useful info, thanks.

Just one more question… what would you use to convert a portrait image into a 3d profile?

I’ve never done it but my guess is that Aspire could do this. That is said with an inflection as its would be part question.

Don’t you have to pay for that? I am a hobbyist after all, no money…lol

Yep - but I think what your asking for is a tough sell for $free.

Look into this:

Fusion360 is weird with its STL capabilities but it may work?

Play around in the mud with the free stuff and see how you do.