Hockey puck pumpkin carve with videos

Here a couple of videos I made on my hockey puck pumpkin carve

Part 1 Getting the image, cleaning it up in Easel

Part 2 Setting it up on the machine, carving and finished project

Part 1

Part 2


What a great idea! Nice work!

Thank you

That is awesome. Very innovative idea! Of course you’re just making me more impatient to get my XC going!

I hear ya, I built mine in the winter (Minnesota) and it sat on my desk for two months before I could use it

Is that because you were outside playing with the hockey pucks? :slight_smile:

Ya, maybe 40 years ago I would have been :slight_smile:

I love the idea . Endless stamp possibilities going forward . And I’m not a stamp guy , but for Girl Scouts or vball clubs etc , Great Idea !

Wow - I’m pretty surprised by how cleanly that puck mills - looks super clean!