Hole Drilling Function

I am trying to create a circle with loads of holes. I was really pleased with the result but there are a few holes out of place at the right hand side. The trouble is i cannot see which ones they are because of the plethora of blue crosshairs everywhere. Is there any way of turning these crosshairs off?

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I am aware of a method to hid the cross-hairs; although, this would make a great addition if it were added to the object control pane for drill holes… @JeffTalbot @Ben-Saks

One thing that you could do is recreate the design with pocket holes that are the same diameter as the specified bit. Ensure their placement is correct, and then select all of them. Then go to the apps section and select the “Convert Circles to Drill Holes” app and check the “Replace Existing” checkbox. This will replace all of the circles with drill holes.

This method will provide you with the opportunity to get all of them in the proper location prior to converting to drill holes where the cross-hairs make it difficult to see.

I know that is not what you want to hear, but it is the only method I have at the moment…

Mind sharing what this is part of? It reminds me of liquid rocket combustion chamber jet patterns.


Brandon Parker

Hi Brandon

Many thanks for your answer.

I’m afraid I built it the other way around. I found a pattern as b&w clipart, saves it as a jpeg then converted it to a svg. I imported this svg to easel on a design 300mm X 300mm and used the App to convert to drill holes. It did it (I thought) beautifully, but, on cutting the board there were a few holes out of place. If I could see the holes I could remedy the problem, but with all the blue crosshairs it is impossible to know which ones are at fault.

I’m afraid it is nothing so exciting as liquid rocket combustion chamber jet patterns… It is simply a design for Crochet arts and crafts users to block out their circular work. I just need the blue to go and I am a happy man :smile:

Is the pattern correct on the image? It sounds like there was probably just some conversion discrepancies that needed to be resolved prior to conversion of the circles to drill holes. Can you just repeat the process and fix the ones that need it prior to converting to drill holes?

Can you share the image/pattern?


Brandon Parker


Is this suitable for you?

Well, I am pretty sure I can see some of them you are talking about by looking in the preview pane, but attempting to do anything on the design side would be impractical.

Do you have a description of the pattern?

What is the X and Y distance between holes (center to center).

Number of concentric ring sets? That could be counted fairly easily; it looks like 19 including the center hole.

Or, maybe you have a spacing requirement for the holes on a concentric ring?

If you have the spacing between the holes on a concentric ring and the distance between each ring, then it is trivial to created it from scratch in Easel.

If I have time in the morning, I will see if I can find the pattern on the internet…


Brandon Parker