Hole drilling with Easel

So I have set up easel to drill a series of 3mm holes using a 3mm bit. It works great on the first pass but then
tries to make a second pass enlarging the 3mm holes to 6mm. I have not programmed this as far as I know.

Hole at top shows what is happening,

Sorry, forgot to add the file is being exported to grbl control software for actual cutting, not X carve. Also the cut path
in grbl control usually disappears after the first pass, this setup doesn’t.

Can you share the Easel project?

The Easel layout and the grbl control layout.

Can you share the project?
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Hard to tell from the pics.

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Thanks for responding. Problem turned out to be I had to select and reset the holes my dxf file had imported to “fill” and presto, had 3mm holes instead of 6mm. Thanks again.

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