Hole in Suckit for Festool vacuume

Anyone figure a way to drill out a hole for a Festool hose yet? Thanks

Yep. I just measured the end of the vacuum hose with calipers, entered the size in easel for a hole that I centered on 0,0 and then homed the 1/4" bit directly over the center of where I wanted my hole. I set easel for acrylic, and cut inside.

Took about 2 minutes and the boot was back in place with the hose inserted.

Ran some test cuts on mdf afterward, no dust :). LOVE the suckit boot!!!

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Now that I’m not replying from my phone, here’s a walkthrough…

Open Easel, click the circle to place one on the work area.

With the circle still selected, click the Shape tab, select the center position and enter 0 for X and Y.

This will put the circle in the bottom left corner or the work area with the center at exactly 0.

Enter the size of the circle (I put 37.4mm, because I think that’s what mine was, make sure to measure)

Then just tell Easel to carve, and center your bit, like you would normally do in the lower left corner, at the exact center of the point where you want your hole for your vacuum hose.