Holes coming out too small in 1/8" aluminum

Hey guys just got an xcarve for cutting holes in 1/8" aluminum. I’ve been having problems with the holes coming ou to small. Cutting 1.125 holes most commonly they often come out 1.15. We are using the 1/8’’ Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill from inventables with the stock collet. As we turn feed rates up from recommend the holes get even smaller. can this be attributed to runout from the collet and bit?


Most likely due to deflection. Are you using Easel?
Your could try running a full depth finishing pass.
If it is consistent, you’re best solution is probably to alter the design after you test.

I would also measure your bit with some calipers. I’ve seen a lot of 1/8 bits measure out to less than .125

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Using fusion 360 to design then using easel as a sender

do you have the same difference in other materials?
Is the error consistently repeatable?
Is you mill exactly 1/8" in diameter?
Is your machine otherwise perfectly calibrated?

Try to limit the variables in order to hone in on the problem.

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Machine deflection, due to lack of rigidity + some possible tool deflection.

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What are the best kits to strengthen the machine?

I would consider using a 1/4 inch bit to drop the bit deflection problem