Holes not getting correct measurements

Hi All,

I have performed tightening of the belts, ran a test to see if my stepper motors are indeed covering the correct distance and all seems ok. 500mm model

When I cut with Easel here are my test results:

10mm holes (not not all perfect, average diameter:

Inside Cut 9.4mm
On the line 12.6 mm
Outside Cut 15.9mm
Fill 9.4 mm

10mm Square

Inside Cut X 9.5mm Y 9.2mm
On the line X 12.5mm Y 12.3mm
Outside Cut X 15.8 mm Y 15.6 mm
Fill X 9.5 mm Y 9.3 mm

To me this seams the Y axis is obviously missing a few mm vs the X however, I’m still not getting my even 10mm.

I’m not expecting pin point accuracy, however, Once I know how my machine is working I can compensate in the drawings so I get closer.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Cutters are not exactly the dimensions stated. They have a tolerance associated with them and generally are a tad undersized. Unless you measure the true cutting width and use that as your bit size, you’ll be off by a few tenths of a mm like you are.

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Getting 10.2mm now on inside cut. Think
I’m happy with that :). Thank you