Holiday Project Suggestions for School Teachers

I am trying to make a project for my sons school teachers / daycare teachers for the holidays. Not looking for anything super complicated or expensive, also it can’t be anything religious since that’s bound to offend someone. I made little picture frame gingerbread men last year but kind of coming up blank this year on inspiration.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

I am looking for a fun holiday project as well.
I am thinking of finding / buying some holiday jig saw patters to use to carve out of 1/4’ MDF.
I have been having good results with my 1/8" down cut bit and using a harbor freight 1" belt sander to clean up the tabs.
Note, with MDF good dust collection and dust mask is a must!
(Before I got my Dust Deputy the ultra fine MDF dust would just blow right through my shop vac.)

Things I am thinking of:
Candy canes
Gingerbread men
Gingerbread houses
Christmas Tree (2 parts free standing)

how about a fruit bowel?

Something with a educational feel to it. :slight_smile:

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What bit is that? What is the cutting length on it? It looks gigantic.

Its a long reach bit probably 1/4 end mill.
You do not need to do one exactly like that in the pic. It was just a sample
you do need a rounded bit to get those nice rounded bottoms. You can get them from local source.
There are lost of Utube vids on making bowels. :smiley:

I wasn’t asking so that I could replicate that particular project more just curious for another project I was thinking about. I want to cut out a chair without having to flip the wood to cut the back side.

Hmm there are snap together things…
Look around at others for ideas.
I suggested the fruit bowel cause teachers get apples from students. :wink:

How big do you want to go? I do a lot of monogram stuff, they seam to be popular.

I get about 4 to 5 from one sheet of .5 inch plywood. You could always scale smaller. Pretty much any silhouette can have a monogram put in it.

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How about a license plate with a quote on it. theres a license plate template on the projects section here that someone posted a while ago. They are easy to make and won’t take long to carve. I made one for a teacher not too long ago out of wood, thats how she wanted it. It turned out pretty nice.

Do you have a link to that bit by chance?

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None taken.
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How bout this:


Now this one is cool


:flushed: wooow. Outstanding.

I know someone who is definitely getting the falcon for Christmas.

Yea I know loads of SW fans…
I am not set up yet to do gifts of this magnitude…

All of the projects here have links to Easel designs and can be carved pretty easily.

My favorite is always the interlocking reindeer.

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How do you connect the initial to the snowman in easel? Or did you not do this in easel?

I made the design in Corel draw and exported it to my CAM software. I use estl cam but there should be any reason you couldn’t be able to do it through Inkscape and easel

This thread recently came up with an customizable ornament template

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