Holiday Promotions for 2017

Hey Everyone,

For the 2017 Holiday Season we are starting out with deals on our two machines X-Carve and Carvey.

2017 has been a year where we saw growth in the number of customers that started businesses with X-Carve. Our promotion is focused on helping new people start a business with X-Carve. We are giving $100 off the machine, free worldwide shipping, and financing starting at 0% APR. This means the monthly payment for our smallest 500mm X-Carve is $75 a month and the 1000mm fully loaded with the Dust Control System is $136. We did a quick 30 second video to explain it.

We did a second video where we interviewed 3 current customers who run businesses to hear in their words about the success they have had. We believe over the next few years thousands of people are going to repeat this type of success.

We are also offering free shipping and 0% APR on Carvey. Carvey is mostly purchased by schools and libraries however there have been a few businesses that prefer Carvey so we decided to extend the financing options and free shipping to Carvey as well.

For folks that own machines we may have some additional promotions after Cyber Monday so stay tuned!

@Zach_Kaplan Great Sale! Just pulled the trigger on my first X-Carve! Waiting for after Cyber Monday to buy the accessories :smile:

We won’t have anything new on Cyber Monday…wait till X-Carve owner Tuesday :slight_smile:


Midnight Chicago time.

Are you timing the order to be the last one to sneak in?

We should have some sort of prize for the first person and the last person.

Maybe the middle person too.

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So when will the big announcement be for X-Carve owner Tuesday? Anxiously awaiting!

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We’re waiting… :smile:

So did I miss the announcement or has it not happen yet?

Hey everyone,

We are announcing today our next holiday promotion. We are calling it “The 12 Days of Christmas”. It will start on December 1st. We’ve never done anything like it before and we are going to try to have some fun with it.


Hopefully free shipping is included, if it’s going to be something different on sale everyday…:wink:


Has the free shipping on $100 in materials gone away? I put stuff in my cart and I noticed a shipping charge.

I believe the free international shipping has gone away. Free shipping is still available for a limited time I believe for the contiguous 48 states in the US.

Is the email that just went out about the $100 gift card the “12 Days of Christmas” promo or should I be waiting for a different promo email as well? I’m trying to decide when to order my X-Controller.


I would expect it soon if you are signed up for their mailing lists. I somehow have two email addresses signed up to the mailing list and I got the email at different times. Likely they roll out the emails slowly throughout several hours to avoid triggering spam filters on popular email servers like Gmail.

Also the promo I’m referring to is a $100 gift card free with any $100 purchase. The purchase has to be before the end of the year and then the gift card comes on January.

Did we we ever get a clarification if the $100 gift card promo is the “12 Days of Christmas”? I am apparently not getting any of the emails at all.

I never heard anything specific. I’m assuming it is, but the naming got confusing.

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I haven’t seen any emails either - it’s 4 Dec now and nothing. Not even on their website…

The $100 gift card is not the 12 days of Christmas. Stay turned.

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I don’t regret the year of knowledge and experience I’ve gained by buying my XC last year, but I could’ve saved hundreds of pounds if I’d waited 'til this year. Everybody whose timing was more fortunate to take advantage of that offer may never realize just how amazing it was. Even though I didn’t get to enjoy the savings, I appreciate all that the team have done.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing what the 12 Days of Christmas at Inventables brings.

@AngusMcleod yes, but I thought Zach was talking about the Tuesday after Thanksgiving…