Holy Cow this is slow

Can someone tell me why this project i’m working on is so slow…i’ve tried it on two, top of the line, computers and the same result - SLOW. It takes minutes to do the simplest of tasks. Very frustrating when I have a deadline.

they are engravings in a 3 inch round disc…should be a no brainer…


My Bad…here you go

Looks like the SVG you imported is incredibly detailed. If you click on the spade symbol and “edit points” you’ll see too many dots to count.

I quickly regenerated a simpler SVG using a screenshot from the project and reimported. Fewer points but still enough fidelity to get a good carve I believe. I was able to paste in double the ones you had and although it was still a little slow to select and move with that many objects, it was seconds to respond instead of minutes.

Yes the @MechanicalGoose is right the spade is double lined, one on top of the other that adds a lots of points

…and that happened when i imported it from Inkscape? Is there a way to automatically reduce the amount of nodes when importing?