Holy mother mary and joseph, its built. BOOM!

A lot of headaches, but i got it. Thanks to zach and the team and the community here. We shall overcome and carve!

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Tried to use the upload button through my iphone, selected the photo but nothing happened… Any ideas? Wanted to share the first cut photo!!

How about this, follow me at madebymabry on instagram, you can see the vid there :smiley:

cool! i just followed you on instagram ~ badwolfwoodworks

Just followed both of you guys @JoshuaLMabry and @BadWolf.

numatt21114 - nothing to see there as of yet, unfortunately. But soon!

cool man got you back. love instagram!

I’ve always used Instagram to follow other people, but never really used it to share my own stuff. Here goes nothin!

im relatively new to it but im amazed at the amount of woodworking and all around cool stuff on there. i had avoided it because i thought it was just for teenagers posting selfies haha

Just followed you guys (@jrsphoto1). Lots of cool projects. I do mostly iphone photography on instagram of local San Diego things but I’ll have to start uploading projects too. @BadWolf, love the tool cart with the jointer, planner, and sander on it. Brilliant idea, wish I had the space. But with a name like BadWolf, I would expect to see some Dr Who projects :wink:

Oh they will be coming!

Just a heads up your post has been flagged as inappropriate by another member, presumably because of the title. Love the enthusiasm, but I’m just gonna remove the effing to keep it pg. :grin:

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WOW… thats all I can say


Bahaha wow

Haha @JoshuaLMabry, I thought you had already done a great job of toning it down and making it forum-acceptable! shrug