Home Button after choosing to Unlock Motors

There’s times when I need to switch bits, and to do so, I raise the Z-Axis, switch the bit, then am forced to close the Carve menu, click “Machine”, then “Home”.

Other times, I move the carriage all the way back after a carve. To prevent a long and sloooowww homing, I unlock, switch to the highest stepping value and move the carriage close to the front, where I need to again, exit the carve menu, and click “Machine”, then “Home”.

If the “Home” button remained on the Carve menu, or given us the ability to “Lock and Home” after an “Unlock”, this would save me a bunch of time.

All the lock button does is send $1=255 to the machine; unlock sends $1=0. You don’t need to close the Carve menu. You do need to rehome Z, either manually or using a probe, after changing the bit, and the screen will show that, but the next screen will allow you to accept the current X and Y positions.

I would actually like to home just before carving. On several occasions I’ve switched from a roughing bit to a detail bit and knocked home off in the process, or even putting the dust shoe on. It is so very disappointing. I kind of feel like I must just be doing something completely wrong or like I’m just way to rough with the machine because I don’t feel confident that I can probe z and put the dust shoe one without moving it.

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