Home button not showing up in MACHINE tab

To home the X-Carve after turning it on I have to click on the CARVE button which asks if I want to Home the machine. After it Homes the machine that option is no longer there and it still doesn’t show up under the MACHINE tab. Any help would be appreciated!

You can send $H through the console to home.

Thank you, Neil. Does the Home button normally show up or is this the new normal?

Sorry, I don’t use Easel, so I couldn’t tell you.

The home button will appear when you first turn on the machine or if it looses internet connection. After that if you want to rehome you should do as @NeilFerreri1 says to home it yourself.

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Homing button is only relevant once - when the machine is powered up. It will remain valid until machine is powered down/carve interrupted/steps are lost etc (connection reset)

The sole purpose of Homing is to syncronize the machine coordinated to the modelled enviroment.

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