Home position on cut

ok so here is my problem. i was doing a cut and about 20 min into it i noticed the x drive belt was frayed and about to brake. so i cancelled cut and it went home. now i needed to fix belt but start back in the same zero as the wood i was using was a 30.00 board. this was a inlay cut and i was on the 3rd inlay cut that overlapped each other with different color woods. how do you get the same home position again. i have not started cut yet because i have to much time and money in this project. can anyone lead me to a article or a class or a phone call in the evening on how the heck to do this. thanks in advance.

Using Easel?
Using the last home position will be as accurate as your limit switches are.

yes easel. when you say last home position is that what they are saying when you are going through the steps to cut and you probe then it ask to use last x y


Before you start the carve you should be able to go to that position by sending G0X0Y0 in the console under Machine Inspector. (assuming you homed to your switches already)

I read this differently. Machine was stopped mid carve (not original XY position) and came home (original XY) and John needs to go back to where the machine errored out (in this case a belt fault). This happened to me once as well, but the machine came home to the original XY position. I was unable to get it to the position where it errored out again.

Did I read his question wrong?

Unless I did.

Did you home your machine before setting your work zero?
If so, you fix the belt and do a re-homing (Choose Unlock with homing when powering back up or send $H through Easel Machine Inspector Console

Then select “Use previous home” when asked if you want to use the old work zero instead of setting is again.

Work zero is stored as an offset value relative to machine zero, which is what a homing sequence do.

If you didnt set machine zero prior to setting your work zero you are basically dead in the water, unless you have a known reference point to go by :frowning: