Home position

How do you make the home position and the start point the same

Are you talking about the work home and the machine home?

Long story short, this cannot be done.
When you home a standard X-Carve it only homes the X-Y and Z Upper limit.
The Easel software has no idea what the Z-Axis Lower limit should be. I.E. How far down it is till the bottom of the bit reaches the top surface of your stock material.

Are you trying to run multiple jobs?
Do you know about the “Use Last” feature of Easel?
When running a carve, one must move the machine to the correct “work” location. And carving begins.
If you want to carve again, click the “use last” button (to the right).

If I were to want to carve on a circle of wood where would I put the home point.

If you are using Easel, then set home to the top of the wood you are cutting in the lower left corner of the wood, In your design the center of your circle is a set distance from that bottom left corner.

In this example the center of the circle is 5 inches up and 5 inches to the right of that bottom left corner (The black dot in that corner is where Easel is telling you the home position is at). All positions are calculated as being offset from that bottom left position.