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So I would like to see the ability to set the home position(that relates to the project home not machine home) one axis at a time. With a readout of where it is at the moment. I/e: move the x to where it is, lock it in. Then move the y to where you want it, lock it in. So you can then move the x and y anywhere to set the z and lock it in. Meanwhile the machine will still remember that x y home is where you had it.

I would also like to see the ability to save a bit/machine z axis cut depth max. When you are going to start a job you could tell the machine where the waste board is,minus a mm, and it won’t go below that. Not sure if this would be useful for a lot of people. Just thinking aloud.

If I think of anything else while cutting today I will add in comments section.

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You want to make use of Work Coordinate Systems:


That sounds exactly what I’d like. Just as a button I can click to save. Maybe be able to tell the machine, in the set project zero page(after homing of course), that I want to use project zero 3. For example. And it will immediately know where that is.

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