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When carving a project I setup the bit off the project material when I go to start at one point the router is raised when I turn on the router and start carving. When complete it returns back to the start point is there a way to know how high the router is so that I can have it go back down and run over the project to clean it up. If I just go thru the standard process of carve when I get to the router it will just raise higher thinking it’s at it’s zero point. I know if I shut off the power supply and lower to the zero point like the first time I my not hit it like the first time.

It should be at your safe height, set in Easel.

To start the second run you will still need to set z axis

Just hit carve again and select the “use previous XY zero home point” option. It should do the exact same carve again, without having to reset your Z height again


Indeed, and you can also prior to the second carve jog the bit out of the way to insert new material without the need for a recalibration.

Note that Z will move to safety height before traversing back to XY0.

Aloha everyone
Thanks for the answers I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

Take a look at this video. This may help

Silly to ask, but where is use previous zero. When I hit carve, I do not see that option, at least not spelled out anywhere I could find on the screens.

which option? the “use last X,Y” option is present on the same screen as the “set X,Y zero” button…

However IF you have probing turned off, then the X,Y & Z are all set at one time and this could be the issue you are having… you could turn on the probe option but not actually use it (if you don’t want to) by going to machine>Edit machine >accessories and turn on the probe, then click save… then you will have 2 separate screens, one for Z and the 2nd for X,Y at which you should see the correct that Haldor was referencing.