Home Switches and wiring

I just finished the assembly of my new X-carve 1000. All went well until the homing test. The Z didn’t work and the Y didn’t work but the X seemed to work. After reading a few wiring forums I will check the switches and the wire connections in the morning. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks

What happened when you tried to home? Z should home first. If it doesn’t, there will be an error. Did the X axis move first? If so, sounds like a motor wiring issue.

The Homing cycle use this sequence:

  • Raise Z once, pull off 1mm then feed slowly into the switch again for the 2nd time.
  • Once completed it will simoustanly move towards X and Y, until both are triggered once, then pull off for the 2nd time before slowly hitting them again for the 2nd and final time.

Are the switches making contact with the stops? Make sure the stops are adjusted so the switch touches them appropriately and triggers the switch.

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Yes, and you can also check that the switches actually give signal by opening up Easel Machine Inspector (CRTL+SHIFT+D) where there are visual “green light” showing when they trigger.


This was the problem. The Z axis limit stop screw was just a little too long to activate the switch. I appreciate all the help. Thanks Walt