Home/Work Home in the new Jog control

How is the Work Home in the new Jog control work? Is it set when you set the X/Y Zero in the workflow? When you click on it, what happens? Thanks!

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That button was added to aid in following the official inventables 2 stage carving procedure, and especially for the Xcarve Pro where the safety manual has the operator completely power off for bit swaps. Once a carve is initiated and the user first set’s X,Y position that data is stored on the cnc.

Then later IF the user wants to return to that position the machine should be homed and then the “Work Home” button can be selected and the machine will jog itself right back to that position where X,Y was set to previously.

Hi Seth - I understood from other posters that homing between carves was potentially problematic, and the preferred route was just to use last XY?

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