Home X-Carve

I just got my x-carve set up and it carved fine. Stupid question but how do I send the machine to the home position? Is this possible? I have the homing switches but need more instructions on using them. Thank you.

I am a newbie. I did my first carve yesterday, and when I pushed carve it asked me if I wanted to send it home.
Other wise I jog it over if I want to send it home, I assume.

Send $H through the console.

At the risk of sounding stupid what do you mean through the console? Do I use the X-Controller in some way or is this through the computer? Not sure what the console is.
Thank you for the response.

Console => Open Easel, click Machine -> Advanced -> Machine Inspector
Inside you’ll see a Console command line.

Keyboard Shortcut : CTRL+SHIFT+D once Easel is opened.

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Also before carving you could select “Home the machine”.

The home function is only useful if you have a fix setup holding the piece to cut and you want to do something in the same position several times, otherwise is pointless.

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Naaaaw… :wink:
Homing is usefull on any carve that might be aborted or for whatever reason need a re-start.
As work zero is stored, there is no need to re-establish work zero. Simply re-home and you are ready to carve, using the same work zero.