Homeing setup not progressing past Z axis

I installed limit switches so I decided to redo machine setup to enable homing,

It starts with Z axis which raises, hits the switch and stops as expected, then it does, nothing. it doesent move to the next axis, say that Z axis is complete, it just sits there.

Ive never used easel with limit switches so I don’t know what I should be expecting.

Is there something else I need to do?

Edit GRBL parameter $27 from =1 to = 5 and re-test.

During homing each switch is hit twice, and $27 define the distance to pull away after first hit in order to clear the switch.
If it doesnt is stops and throw an alarm.

I would for this time advice you to set $21=0 (Hard limits off) til you have sorted out homing. Then re-activate hard limits ($21=1)

Yep that is the issue but there is a bug stopping it from working.

For whatever reason, Easel sets my Z axis movement value to 188, when it should be 1600.

I can correct this manually obviously BUT when I go through machine setup to enable homing etc etc it sets it back to 188. so the Z doesent move enough to properly double click the switch.

I’m still messing with it trying to find a workaround, I have no idea why the preset for the 3018 would have a default $102 of 188, there is literally no kit available where that would be even remotely close to correct.

You are setting it up using the X-Carve parameters.
Your machine will run without going through the setup.

Yea I used the preset/template that is listed specifically for this machine but its wrong.

I got it fixed, I just had to change $27 to 50 so it would back out far enough to complete the sequence, then changed everything back after setup complete.

I see what you’re talking about (I think), but that’s not in the “Machine Setup”. The actual setup only has standard X-CARVE sizes and Z axis settings. Your machine can be controlled with Easel without going through the setup.

But for Xcarve, which Easel is made for - use these default values.
Easel is oblivious to 3018 or any other GRBL CNC that use screws/rack&pinion as main mechanics.

Since the step/mm values that Easel assume are good, but is not for your 3018, the pull-off distance will be different than what $27 dictate. Hence you needed to change to $27=50 for it to clear. Actual travel was probably much less, but with an incorrect step/mm value travel is off.

For a generic GRBL CNC, Easel is capable of setting up correctly direction, enable homing/limits and probe.
You will however be required to manually edit Step/mm ($100-$102), Feed rate ($110-112) and Acceleration ($120-122) to suit your specific machine.
If you have soft limits enabled, you need to set range aswell ($130-132)

Do the steps/mm first as the remaining parameters use that as its baseline