Homing activated vs deactivated

Trying to understand all jargon. What does it mean by Homing Activated vs Homing Deactivated? I bought a used X Carve and it came with 2 backup copies of the GBRL’s…one with Homing Activated and one without. How do I know which one to use?

Dazed and Confused in Texas…

Does the machine have micro switches for the top of Z travel, left of X travel and bottom (near) of Y travel?
Is so you should use Homing activated.
Homing gives the machine constant reference point when starting the machine each time it is powered up.

Homing enabled allow you to sync the machine coordinated to model coordinates.
This allow you the following:

  • A fixed reference point (within the precision of your switches)
  • Consistent work zero
  • Use parking spots G28 and G30

Work zero and the parking spots are all stored permanently (untill reassigned) as an offset relative to machine zero so if your carve is aborted for some reason, you can re-home and use your previous work zero as those are aligned.

Depending on how your GRBL is “flashed”, when you home ,you may end up with negative numbers on your display from where the router is parked. Apparently old school machines are set up with their home switches in the opposite spot from the x carve. My X controller is one of these. I have to reset the axes to zero in order for my machine to look “normal” to me. One can reflash the GRBL, but I’m not that computer savvy, so I just live with it and close UGS and reopen it after I go through the homing sequence.

Thanks for the explanations. That helped a lot.