Homing fail

I have a pre november 21 machine that I havent been running for a while. The other day I startet it up and tested it an everything worked fine.

I moved the machine to another place in my workshop, and I tested the Z probe (Have never used it before). The Z probe worked fine, but from there all went sideways.

Suddenly I could not home the machine, it was just doing nothing. I checked all the wires, reinstalled the wires, update the firmware, reinstalled the machine in Easel, but none seem to solve the problem, however I could jog the machine, but I could not turn the spindle on.

I went to USG and from there I could see there was a Z-alarm.

I did read somewhere that the pinout on the shield has changed, so I inspected my pins and noticed that the Z limit and the Spindle was on the wrong pins. I switched the pins and now I am able to turn on the spindle and jog the machine.

When I try to home the machine it will home the Z and stop the sequence when it hits the Z home switch. I did go to machine inspector and verified that all switches are working as they should be.

Does anyone have a suggestion what the problem could be ?

In Easel press ctrl+Shift+D
In there you could activate the limit switches by hand and verify whether the screen updates to indicate they are pressed.
It’s possible that when you attempted to run the spindle with the limit switch in that plug, that the limit switch burnt up inside and will no longer function.
If the limit switch doesn’t work by hand you could swap a different axis one to verify for certain that is the switch and not any other wiring or main board issue, if you confirm that it’s just the limit switch you could order a new one from inventables or even amazon…

All limit switches works when i test them in machine inspector.

When i hit the home, the Z goes to the limit switch and then the sequence stops.

while in machine inspector you can send the command $h which will home while you watch those circles change color… maybe the Z is crashing into a physical stop before pressing the switch… this was an issue with the new Z axis, but it sounds like you’ve got the older one which shouldn’t have this issue. but you can check, and may need to bend the tab on the switch a little as shown here… https://inventables.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012726194-Homing-cycle-fails-X-Carve-

OR IF when it fails the circle is still green, then it may need a larger “pull off” setting if that’s the case I can let you know which line of grbl settings to change to help with that as well.