Homing for a newbie

When Easel refers to ‘homing switches’ does it mean the limit switches on the axis?
The machine seems to want to home, the Z axis rises to the limit switch then lowers itself a little.
Does similar for the Y axis but am afraid to turn it loose on the X axis.
Also another question, when cleaning out a pocket, the bit seems to move over about 1/2 the diameter, is this programable in easel especially when using large bits?

Love setting up a machine to do the work and only have to keep an eye on it.
Just did my first real carve a simple name plaque for a grandkid and it is acceptable, am probably the only one that will notice the mistakes.

Hi Anthony, Welcome for the forum!

So yes, the “homing switches” are in effect the limit switches. The thing is, homing is a part of applying the limits, but they aren’t necessarily always connected, this is due to optional settings within the cnc itself and since Easel was designed around the X-Carve some specific terms are used.
The X-carve settings do not have those limit switches in use for applying work area limits and they are only used for Homing by default, the user can modify this setting and use the switches for both homing and limits, but by default they are only used to home the machine.

If you’re running a different CNC machine, it’s likely setup for both homing and limiting the work area as this is a great way to prevent crashes which also prevents damage to equipment.

As to the Stepover Amount, Yes, this can be changed, BUT keep in mind this is a case-by-case change. You will want to re-visit this setting on EVERY project and EVERY workpiece of every project that you want to use a custom setting with (“workpieces” are the bottom panel within an easel project, kinda like child projects that are saved within the parent project). . .
Go to Machine (top menu) > General Settings and on this page you will find the setting for stepover (applies to endmills) and V-Bit Stepover (used for generating flat bottom pockets with a vbit), with a default setting of 40% and 1% respectively.

I feel you here, we are out harshest critic. and most other people will never even notice if we don’t point things out to them. I find myself these days with a “good enough” approach to the final results of a project. :smiley: :+1:

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