Homing Issue using "use last home"

I have two issues but I don’t think they are related. First issue is with homing. I created a file and I want to batch out multiples. I am making scrabble tiles. They are 5.5" squares and the letters are being engraved with a 1/8" spiral downcut bit with a depth of .0625. First pass is .05.

I set everything up. I use the z-probe to set my z axis and then set my x axis. I run the file and it looks great. I remove the part. Set the next one in and tell it to use the previous home. The x axis is great. But the Z is not. It is still cutting two passes but the initial plunge is going way deeper than .05. Why is this? I’ve done this kind of thing before with no issues. Any help would be appreciated.

Not 100% sure. But I believe the home is only for the x and y. I probe Z every cut. Again not 100% sure. But we will see from the more knowledgeable users here

The z axes should stay the same as x and y axes if you use previous home position. You should not have to reset the z axes unless you change bits.

When one click “Confirm Home position” in Easel (=work zero) a G10-command is sent to the controller, stating the offset distance from homing switches for all three axes.

This is a persistent value, untill changed.

Is the depth discrepancy slightly more than 1/8"?
What is the behaviour if you set your Z manually? (bypassing the probe entirely)

All of my boards are 5.5" and .75" thick. When I start I use the probe to set my z axis. I use the bottom left hand corner and set my X axis and run my file. I remove the piece and put the next piece in. Click Carve and instead of using the probe to set the x and z axis I select “manual” and select “use last home”.

My depth on the first piece is consistent and is the .0625 that I set it to. The second piece is .2. Way deeper than I want it to be.

I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure I’ve done signs this way and didn’t have to set the z every time.

Any chance you’re retracting too high at the end of the first job and hitting your Z limit.
Have you tried homing the machine between jobs?