Homing Issues

I tried to pocket some walnut wood and my homing get messed up, therefore screwing my project up. I can do this on pine and everything is just fine. Does anyone have any clue why it is screwing up with walnut and not pine?

Also, if someone has any cheat sheets out there for feed/speed rates, I would appreciate that.


Sounds like he’s losing steps. What are your current feeds and speeds your cutting walnut with?

I am using the current defaults with 1/8 end mill. Which is 27000 rpms and 100 inches.

I did not think so, but why can i carve pine and everything be just fine, but when i switch to walnut it gets messed up? Im new at this whole thing.

What defaults are you referring to?

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What Phil said. Are you doing a V-Carve free project?

The defaults that I am referring to are the ones that come with V carve Desktop. Those are preset. I have researched and cannot find a feed and speed table.

No im doing a project that I designed in V carve desktop

Okay. Do you have a so called “cheat sheet” for feed/speeds for different types of wood?

Thank you. So is the speed on the router different than the speed that is inputed in the V carve desktop tools?

The RPM that is in the bit selection portion of VCarve is for controlling the spindle/router through software. If you don’t have auto spindel control set up than it’s not doing anything. If you have the Dewalt 611

And here is the speeds and feeds formula.

Remember that formula is for big boy toys. So caution to the lights side of that