Homing Machine

First off,do I need the homing switches in order to send machine to home position in order to
send a g28 command. Right now if I go to machine inspector and enter $H I receive an error:5.
Is this because I did not set up machine with homing switches? Also,I can message my number if anyone wants to call me and talk me through it.

Yes you need homing switches to home the machine.

Yes, you need to home the machine to use G28.

So all I am able to do right now is manually move the machine to as close as I can to the same spot?

Yes, without homing switches, the machine position is arbitrary. You could manually put it at it’s limits before turning it on and use that as a reference, but I’d recommend homing switches.

nothing more money won’t fix =(:joy:

You don’t have homing enabled so Grbl returns an error when you try to home the machine.

You can do a lot without homing. Some people run their machines without homing. It’s just easier if you home your machine. Homing allows you to access more features of grbl.

I recommend that you install and use the homing switches unless you are an expert user.

I just ordered the switches,now I just wait 3 freakin weeks and install…lol. Thanks LarryM!

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On my other cnc machine, my home switches are on the other end of the machine in the opposite corner from where I normally work. Rather than have a bunch of weird numbers on my display, I make X0 and Y0 on the centerline and extreme end of my work. Then I stick in a pointed Dremel burr into the collet and zero the machine with that at the 0,0 point on my work. It’s worked for years this way. I have a auto zero probe for the Z.

If you want it quicker, go get shielded 2 wire security cable from Home Depot or Lowe’s and order these switches from Amazon:

I used those switches as replacement switches.

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I’m pretty sure that’s the standard. It’s the default for grbl controlled machines.

This is the machine I’m referring to:

As you are facing the router in the mount, the home switches are to the left on the X (shorter axis) and all the way back on the left ( longer axis) out of view. These were pre assembled at the factory this way. This isn’t a Grbl machine. I use Mach3 through a Probotix controller.

Aah…grbl defaults to back right.

I believe that the homing switches are X left, Y front, Z up on the X-carve unless they changed in the last few months.

Grbl has parameters to change the behavior to what you want.

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The standard for homing is that each axis will move in the positive direction. The positive direction for Inventables grbl is X right, Y back, and Z up.

That’s why almost all Xcarve grbl machines have $23=3 This says leave Z alone, reverse homing direction for X and Y.

Ends up with home being X left, Y front, and Z up.


I love these forums. You guys rock. Also,thanks for responding to my newbie questions.

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I’m sure you’ve read this complaint before, 2 week lead time for xcarve parts?!? Daaaaannngg😂