Homing problem on initial setup

So after a couple weekends of not being able to troubleshoot the xcarve, I spent an hour playing with it today.

I’m having trouble with the homing setup. i’m using the new x-controller so the older Arduino threads don’t seem to help too much. whenever I initiate the homing setup, the z axis goes down about .1" and stops. then I get an error that I might have a clamp in the way.

I went and updated the firmware in the machine and it didn’t help.

The z axis should go up when you home. When you use the jog buttons is the machine moving in the correct way?

There’s a post here about using a command to show the state of all 3 homing switches, you want to check and make sure you don’t have the z switch wired wrong and it’s snowing closed…

I’m lazy easel setup machine.

It does work correctly. My x and y initially didn’t but they’re fine now. Z was fine from the get go.

Do you remember what it was titled

Here are the two relevant threads:

Thanks @LarryM - I was having trouble doing a search on my phone.

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