Homing problems

After making several products with no problems, my X-carve will not stop during the homing sequence to the left as you are facing the machine! It just keeps trying to move to the left until I use the Estop. I have turned everything off and restarted computer and X-carve…any advise!!!

Is it hitting the switch? Make sure nothing moved and it can physically make contact.

I haven’t checked the switches, but have been thinking that might be the problem! I hope it is that easy to fix, I will check it tomorrow! Thank you

Check to make sure that the switch wires are indeed making contact with the terminals and check the integrity of the switch itself. I’ve replaced about 4 of them so far. It doesn’t take much for them to break.

Open Easel and its Machine Inspector.
There are light icons representative for the limit switches, these turn green when the switch is pressed.
Press each switch by hand to see if the trigger is registered.