Homing Question

I have been having a hard time keeping x and y axis perfectly square. Sometimes I bump it or move it when installing a bit. When I get out I usually measure from the top of the the x slide to the top of the y end plate one ether side. This is not very exact. Is there a way to home each side of the y axis individually. Seems that would keep you perfectly square and be very reliable. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Sounds like its a belt or slipping issue.
You square the X & Y rails and ensure the frame is tight and nothing is loose.
Also the V-wheels need to be snug where they do not move under finger pressure.
Also check the Z axis. It has to be solid and not move when the motors are engaged.
There are set ups by several people here. Check out Phil’s Tips page.
Hope this helps.

Two things:

  1. when powered, the axis should be locked and not allow movement. You may want to search about fixing this.

  2. since the 2 y axis are slaved together, you don’t have independent left and right side control. Some people here have a set of matched length blocks they push the Y axis up to then power on the machine. That’s probably the best option.

The axis are locked when powered. Just went through a teardown and resquaring of the base it’s right on. I tried the matched blocks but when i power up and the motors lock down they dont stay even. The right side is always .010-.020 off. I even put aluminum spacer, like the ones for homing, in the back and when I power up its off.

If you have Dewalt router, be careful when you’re changing the bit. This is the only reason I have replaced it with Makita, because double wrench you can use for. If you try tightening Colette nut little too much, it’s possible to skip couple steps.

The biggest problem is that I move the rail to square and it won’t stay, telling me something is not square. I think my problem stems from my initial install. My y rails were oversized and I just shimmed them in the back. Going to tear it all apart and size those rails properly.

It could also be a tension related issue. If one belt is at a different tension, the motion may be slight off between the sides. When you tear down and rebuild, check that as well.

I think it may be relatively easy to do if GRBL setting $1 (step idle delay) is not set to 255. This setting can account for random lost steps, too, IMHO.

I have the 750mm. $1 is set to 255. I might be a little over realistic on my expectations on accuracy but what I have now is not right. I think my problem stems from the uneven y rails. I’ll let you know the results of the rebuild!

Ok, total teardown and rebuild. Left and right y rails were long about .060 to .070 and not square. The x rail was out of square by about .040 - .050. Ground everything square and reassembled. Even ground down the gusset brackets because they were proud of the base .025 in places. Boy did this make a HUGE difference. I can now reset square to within .004 repeatedly, my spoilboard was within .005 all the way around and tramming I was off .003 in y and .005 in x.
The bad thing about it is I waited 10 weeks to get the X Carve in that time I probably spent 60-80 hours reading the forums. I knew how critical the setup was but I was like a little kid on Christmas morning when it finally came.
Lesson learned!!

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