Homing sequence does not work and z has sporadic movement

when pressing homing sequence, nothing moves.

when pressing x moving buttons in easel setup, x moves + and -
when pressing y moving buttons in easel setup, y moves + and -
when pressing z moving buttons in easel setup, z stutters and will not move

the machine is second hand, previous owner says he used it twice.
im wondering what to check / trouble shoot …

can link a video https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13046043/2017-05-31%2002.59.16.mp4

Shuttering usually happens due to tight V wheels as well as low powered steppers. Check your V wheels for tightness and increase power for your steppers by adjusting potentiometers.

how do i adjust “potentiometers”

V wheels are movable by hand.

yes i have ran machine setup… during the home part of the setup, it does not move. have i enabled it… i dont really know (INSERT NOOB calling adjective here LOL)
i believe there was a button to click during the machine setup before the homing sequence section.

i will check the screws in the delrin nut tonight…

any suggestions on how to fix the play in that acme screw bearing? new bearing?

i think that the play is secondary to the homing sequence problem… it will be addressed after i get that machine at least following a profile.

thx again bobjewell

where do i find this info Phil … in regards of the xcontroller or arduino?

this is where i discovered that the homing sequence failed

I would say that fix all the issues related to screw play, V Wheels, belts, potentiometers etc, but don’t bother if homing still fails. It might be because of noise issues in gShield or even bad Arduino (like in my case). I finally gave up on homing, its not really required. I am executing my projects successfully without homing enabled.

arduino… its a small black box with a fan on top. Phil and Bob…

here is the issue after disassembly, x works + and -, y works + and -, z on the other hand with the lead screw disassembled and no load on the stepper motor (only stepper coupling on stepper shaft), is messed up, during the test wiring mode in easel, when i press down it goes down… press down again… it goes up… press down again it goes up… then down…
it behaves the same with the up key …

any suggestions?

There was a loose wire in the controller box…

Thanks for all the wonderful help…