Homing sequence doesnt work

So I am trying to carve out a piece and before I do so I try and HOME the machine, when I tell it to home through Easel, the Z axis raises and grinds away, even with a limit switch attached. Not only does the z axis grind away when its topped out but the X and Y axis dont move an inch. I have unplugged and plugged the connection back into every device attached tot he machine, cycled power, prayed to the CNC gods all of it… If I dont home the machine and begin to carve it carves WAY off course, mike a few inches so I feel homing it is a necessity at this point. As a side question how often do you Home the machine is it necessary for every bit change. or only when you start a new project?

-Frustrated CNC guy

X and Y will not attempt to home until Z homes successfully.

Does the Z axis touch the homing switch, or does the Z axis not move up.

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Only the z axis moves up hits the limit switch and then keeps trying to go up. The x and y don’t move at all.

Double check the wiring of your z axis limit switch. You’ll need to review the installation instructions and pictures to ensure they’re correct. I had the same issue once.

Break out an OHMmeter (multi-meter) and start by testing the connections on the switch. Then the ends of the wires before they enter the controller. Circuit should read open when idle, shorted when switch is pressed

You should have three pins on the switch: C - common, NO - Normally Open, and NC - Normally Closed. The wires need to be attached to C and NO.

If the switch appears to function properly then we need to check your controller settings.