Homing Sequence interrupted by nonexistent clamps

Hi all,

My machine has been offline while I waited for new brushes to arrive. Once installed, I tried to home my machine for a test carve.

The Z axis homed.
Then the Y axis homed. But as it pulled away from home position a tiny bit (as is normal) before starting the X axis home, it stops and asks me to make sure there are no clamps or anything in the way. There’s literally nothing on the waste board. It does it every time.

I went into machine settings to re-set up my machine in case it was that. When it asks me to check all the axes by jogging them, they all work fine. Then when it runs the homing sequence, it just freezes after the Y axis.

I have checked all the cables, and everything seems firmly connected.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you have a solution?

To troubleshoot I turned $21 to =0, turned $27 from =1 to =5, then turned $21=1 again.

Same problem when setting up the machine, when it hits the homing sequence.