Homing Sequence not happening

Just finished set up with the 1000m X carve. During homing seq, I click the arrows and that seems fine.
But, when I do the next step the Z motor just makes noise for about 30 seconds and then stops. Never makes a move at all! HELP?

Can you turn the z axes screw by hand or is it stuck?

Do you mean the drive rod?

Does the motor’s shaft spin?
What kind of noise?
Is the Z axis all the way up?

It spins when I click the arrows.
It sounds like the motor does when I click the arrows.
The Z axis is not all the way up.

Can you go to the machine inspector and in the console type $$ to get your settings?
Paste them here.

Do you know what version of GRBL?
Is this an old machine?
Do you have homing switches?

Machine inspector?
I have the 2015 X carve.
Never used.
I have limit switches.

Machine– > Advanced– > Machine Inspector

So there is something blocking its movement then?
If Z-axis dont manage to move when jogging, it sure wont start homing either and this must be sorted before anything else.

If you have an older machine the pulleys have grub screws in them maybe they are not tight.

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It jogged when I press the arrows.

Can you move it (the Z-axis) over the full range of motion when jogging?
I wonder if your max speed and acceleration values are too high.

A video of the jogging and homing behaviors would help.

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I can start a carve now, but it goes for a few seconds then stops.

What goes? The Z?
I think you should get a video. There are several people here that have seen your problem, whatever it is, and can help.
Taking the time to explain exactly what you’re doing, what you’re expecting to see, and what you’re actually seeing will go a long way. A video will make it that much easier to help.

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We really need to see your machine in operation, take you cell and record a video as Neil suggested, post it to Youtube and provide the link here :slight_smile:

There can be several things happening and a video will be a quick way to locate a few of them easily.

You mention you have the older controller (gshield)?
Its weak, especially on the Y-axis as the single Y-driver supply power to two steppers.
You should verify the voltage reference for each axis, ensuring the current limit isnt set too high (causing overheat/precaution shutdown of affected driver)

What spindle you got, the stock air-cooled one?
Its electronically noisy and can cause your USB-connection to drop-out for an instant. The symptom is sudden stop of machine, with Easel thinking its done (or program just stops)

A video and images of your machine may help us determine where we are at :slight_smile:

Ok @GregoryDean, thank you. That’s nothing like what I was picturing.
Does it happen at the same place every time?
That looks like a communication issue due to EMI (electromagnetic interference). If you ask ten people, you’ll get 18 different solutions to that.
If that’s what it is, the first thing I’d try is to get your router cord (noisy AC) away from your USB. Even better to have your router, and shop vac if you use one, on a separate circuit from the computer. Use a high quality, short USB cable with ferrite beads. Try again and see if it improves.

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Try to run your Xcarve in air, with Dewalt OFF.
Do the machine complete the “carve” entirely then?

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